Tummo Reiki


The great Tibetan yogi Milarepa mastered the practice of Tummo which involves increasing the body temperature.  With unusual extremely cold temperatures around the world and astronomically priced winter gear it definitely would be worth the investment to learn the amazing techniques of Tummo Reiki to keep your body from freezing into an ice pop.  But of course the benefits of Tummo are much more than just to increase the body temperature like the psychic powers which appear and eventually the ability to go on to learn the Powa practice of the transfer of consciousness at the time of death.

I recently finished reading about the wonderful story of Milarepa’s trials and yogic achievements in Life of Milarepa which I highly recommend each person to read at least once in their life.  It is a story which many of us can relate to.  It may seem impossible the way he survived without proper nourishment and clothing in the winter climate but with the way things are taking place around the world it would be very valuable to learn from this very humble and persistent yogi.

Tummo Reiki doesn’t seem to be very popular like the traditional Reiki systems but I must say it is very powerful. I was blessed to have a healing session given by a friend/colleague/teacher yesterday and it was incredible that I could not wait to share my experience. It was as though a vortex of pure energy entered my body and cast away whatever was bothering me from having restless nights the past few days.

Wherever you are residing in the world you never know where your karma may lead you to or how mother nature may surprise you with extreme conditions in which Tummo Reiki and the story of the Great Yogi Milarepa will be your most valuable tools for survival.