Authentic Teachings and Their Source are Important


All methods of healing are really indirect ways of rousing the life energy, which is the true and direct healer of all diseases.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda ~

We have all the resources within ourselves to heal ourselves.  If we think pure thoughts and  fill our minds with Light we can overcome any disease which manifests in our body.  However, in today’s time when we have come with karma accumulated from thousands of years of incarnations we have become too engaged in our senses and attachment that we suffer and fall ill. Thankfully spirits have come in different times in different places and transmitted to masters different modalities of healing who have then passed the teaching to others.  If you happen to come across one of these great masters which is very rare then take it as the biggest blessing you will ever receive.  If not then it would be good to do your homework to find out the source of the teachings given.

I have encountered some people that received incorrect teachings or symbols in Reiki which was very disappointing because they were unable to practice for many years.  Although Reiki has no negative effects it is still crucially important that you are transmitted the correct teachings because one day you may be asked to teach and it would be difficult to teach with a clear conscience not knowing if what you are presenting to your students is correct. Authenticity is so important.

I began my spiritual life in February of 2010 with Mystical Yoga and Reiki.  At first I was unable to comprehend all of this myself.  I began learning Reiki by a Reiki Master who had a Guru.  I also ended up learning from the Guru eventually. But when I attended my first real yoga retreat I had absolutely no clue what a Guru was and what the importance of a Guru was.  To be honest I was completely dumbfound about Hinduism or spirituality for that matter.  I was also swayed away by what some of the Hindu priests were preaching in the temples which I used to attend with my family.  Most of the people I have spoken with about this also had similar experiences in their respective places of worship.

I started having flashbacks and memories of my childhood.  I remember when I was in high school I went on a trip with my Youth Group to Yogaville in Virginia, USA.  I was alarmed by what I saw there.  I mean don’t get me wrong it was a beautiful and peaceful retreat with a temple constructed in the shape of a lotus flower.  I remember all of the people gathering for laughing yoga classes in the day time and in the evenings for a kirtan.  Although laughing yoga is not a part of true mystical yoga and most of the yoga classes offered all over the world appear to be modified from the true mystical teachings.  In any case, upon returning from this trip I questioned what were these people doing in the middle of nowhere most of whom were caucasian and chanting worship songs to Hindu deities.  I must say this was one of the first times I started to have so many questions about “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” because I felt like they had found something which made them complete and yet I was missing this.  I also felt ashamed that I did not practice or make an effort to understand Hinduism or anything spiritual for that matter.  Even still today I read as much as I can but it seems to never be enough.

It was a blessing in disguise that I had terrible back pain in 2010 because my spiritual back wasn’t able to support itself without a true Enlightened Guru.  I felt relieved when I heard my Guru say to me “I have been waiting many lifetimes for you to come to me”.  I finally found my home and a spiritual family on Earth to help me heal myself… one that would encourage me to find within myself my true self.  I think everyday how blessed I am to have a real Enlightened Guru to present to me the real teachings to heal myself and to help heal others.